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Ehang 184 – The Passenger Drone

The Ehang 184 has created a buzz.
Ehang 184
Ehang 184

With the new Ehang 184 first showcased at the CES exposition in Las Vegas, it showed the world that innovation in drones continues to take place in ways that can benefit humans in the field of transportation. Skeptics questioned the design of the Ehang as it was reviewed in its test flight in 2016, but the Chinese Beijing Yi-Hang company has pulled through successfully as demonstrated in its latest test. While its agility and manoeuvrability mimic that of a regular drone, it can safely transport a human in its protected environment without even needing a human to serve the purpose of a pilot. In the video, they even did a test with two persons without any significant problems.

This means that it can be controlled from a remote location, which is an indicator for the future and poses a question that many are waiting for – will drones be used as commercial transportation vehicles? The Ehang 184 can currently travel up to 142 km/h and can connect to a 4G network which will allow it to analyse possible barriers in the way adding to its previously questioned safety. It’ll be interesting to keep track of the Yi-Hang company as they pave the way for more releases in the future. 

While a lot of people are looking at the Ehang, people are forgetting the interesting announcement that they made last November where they saw a future with flying Taxis. This is, undoubtely, something that techies are extremely excited to hear about. However, they’ve remained secretive about the project and no developments have since then been made. In the realm of transport drones, Yi-Hang is one of the go-to innovators that are difficult not to overlook.


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