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Sweden is looking to put its Quantum Technology on the Map

The quantum revolution is on its way to the Nordic country.

A new technology revolution is coming to Sweden . . . in the form of a supercomputer

The plan will only be possible after investments from Knut and Alice Wallenberg’s society worth of 60 million Euros and an additional 40 million from larger Swedish companies.

The quantum technology comes in form of a quantum super-computer that is currently stationed in the prestigious university Chalmers in Gothenburg. The processor will use electric circuits on a microchip that will replace individual photons in quantum-matter, the lowest possible energy value that is possible to be transferred through electromagnetic rays.

The necessary conditions have to be in what is called a ‘’cryostat’’ near absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius) so that the circuits can become super-charged and which in turn would lead the current without any resistance. The ultimate goal of this new supercomputer is reaching 100 quantum bytes.

To be able to connect 100 of them is relatively easy but to maintain such an environment and to be able to counter issues is difficult. The world record today stands at 20 quantum bytes and Sweden hopes to reach 50 by the next five years.


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