The Swedish Forest Business Accelerator – Lessons in Innovation

The Swedish foresting industry is joining forces for a mega-network of cooperation: The Swedish Forest Business Accelerator.
The Forest Business Accelerator is the platform that wishes to combine the efforts of all new innovators in the Swedish foresting industry into a mega-network for cooperation and the sharing of ideas. If the giant, IBM, is on board then it’s worthy of a good look but it goes even further than that.
The heart of Sweden’s green innovation lies exactly in those parts that have the greenest colours – the green, well-preserved forests in the South of the country. Småland, the historical province dominated by a forested high-plain has historically been the source of Swedish innovation in general and has once again kept the focus there. If there’s one example and only one that should be mentioned in relation to the region – it’s a brand that shines it’s yellow-blue logo in 38 countries in the world; Ikea.
Now, there’s a new hope, mainly in the form of Svensk Skogsdata, a company that has come up with a new revolutionary technology to track the age and origins of forests. By using picture analysis and advanced algorithms, they have been able to trace and identify trees’ prints and mapping them in its system. To be able to do this accurately has been globally recognized as being of extreme use and the process of tracing forests has been of demand – but genuine honesty in the product itself is not always enough.
For Svensk Skogsdata, they were looking for a much-needed boost that could connect them with the necessary cloud-services and transaction systems that were needed for their operation to be successful. They were fortunate that The Forest Business Accelerator existed as an intermediary in this process. It’s a program where a ten-fold innovative companies with connective to the forest industry, provide help to develop and commercialize its products or services on the international market.
For the company, it gave their ideas a big push forward.
However, not just anyone can hop on this movement thinking it’s going to successfully commercialize their offerings. The emphasis on the forest industry, the early stage of the introduction-process and potential for growth on the international market must be met.
In the wake of 2018, the entrants in the program have grown with interesting new players taking part, such as Processum, a research institute that gives participants access to testing sources and equipment related biorefinery.
It’s safe to say that the Swedish industry is not simply being challenged by this growing network of innovative companies, but is becoming engrained into a symbiotic system of mutual benefit.



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