Drones Can Change Sweden’s Forestry – They Just Need to be Embraced

The forest industry has become a magnet for new technological developments. Recently, it has attracted further attention from the world of mysterious, buzzing entities. Not bees, but drones. These automated entities have seemingly placed themselves in the driver seat on this roller-coaster of an industry that has experienced significant change in light of these developments. We know for certain that they bring a plethora of different advantages – the question remains; how will they fit into an equation that has a significant number of variables?

The forest industry, in its entirety, has been good at continuously increasing the efficiency and development of forestry. Although wood prices have fallen dramatically since the 1950\’s, profitability has been achieved at a steady pace. The reason is that there has been a careful management of costs; these have been more than halved according to the ‘’Forestry Board of Sweden’’ and their statistics show that the profitability of forestry has been following this pattern.

But growth is not simply created by cost reduction. Instead, production of more wood is needed in a sustainable manner. An easy way to get it is through better precision in ordinary forest care. The knowledge is in forestry, but it can be difficult to overlook everything at the level of detail required. Here, modern drone technology comes in and provides a good complement to existing technology and working methods.

Therefore, it is of extreme importance that the Transport Agency of Sweden now has simplified the rules. The Forestry Board has worked close to the Land Surveyor and Transport Agency for simple rules, and the results have been successful. Among other things, the drones do not need to be registered and are allowed to fly up to 120 meters in height; it facilitates the process significantly for those in the forest industry to use the new technology.

Drones are a relatively cheap investment and the technology is extremely user-friendly. The potential is great and forestry can not afford to turn a blind eye to this modern technology. According to an estimate, the Forestry Agency, as part of a foundation for the government, could involve billion sums that can be collected in increased forest values ​​and efficiency improvements in an easy way.
Forest owners can check all forests, both in autumn and spring. It only takes a few hours. You can get a detailed overview of all the actions that need to be taken. It goes much faster and better than on foot. It\’s easy to be active in planning yourself. Where are your windshields, game damage and where is the need for clearance and auxiliary planting?

Swedish Elmia, sees this as more significant; \’\’what drone technology can be used for is determined by the sensors. Currently these are mainly ordinary cameras or IR cameras. In the future drones might be used for everything from mapping growth to tracking insect pests. The only limit is our imagination\’\’

Forestry companies can get detailed information when assessing how labour-intensive an assignment is. They can check the roadways, bleed holes and ditches before the job starts. It\’s also easy to finish afterwards. Is everything overcome? Is there a forgotten wood or rice in the dikes?
Those who want extra satisfied customers can spoil landowners with nice aerial photographs after the work is done and, in turn, let the quality of work be visible.

Sweden generally has a good knowledge of how to handle the forest today but drones give a better ability to see where and when the measures in the woods are needed as best. A properly used drone gets all the knowledge and feel that is found in the forest owner\’s head and heart to go straight into the woodland. It will also be a lot more entertaining to be a forest owner if you can follow the owned forest in image and on film, instead of dry, boring figures.

Which company will embrace this technology as more than what is currently being done? Forests and drones, ultimately, work together in unity and purpose. Sweden\’s forests have it all, but they haven\’t yet activated the untapped potential of the buzzing, mysterious entities in the sky. 

Daniel Vice

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