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Folding phones? Do we really need them? Samsung Galaxy X says Yes!

Foldable Phones? Do we really need them?


Samsung seems to think so…

The upcoming folding phone Samsung Galaxy X with the codename “Winner” is still in development – and may be launched as early as 2019. Samsung has the ambition to become the first in the world to launch such a folding bending, wavy electronic gadget. If the reports are true – then they may even have beaten Apple in the race. The company’s mobile manager DJ Koh stated this during a press meeting in connection with the launch of Galaxy Note 9, according to ZDNet. We seem to think that this development has appeared out of nowhere, but we should not forget that Samsung has been working on a foldable phone with the Galaxy X working name since at least 2016. But now we’ve got something tangible to work with. As the image above shows, the phone can be folded together in the middle and would have a flexible touch as it rests in your hand. DJ Koh says that an official presentation of the product is almost comprehensible and believes that development has taken time because there have been many problems regarding mobile building quality and sustainability.
It is probably the first time that rumors have started to circulate this far ahead about a possible  publication – as in the case of next year’s planned flagship by Samsung. And maybe it’s not that strange, at least not for Galaxy X, which is said to be the first foldable phone with a flexible screen that can be used both as a smartphone and as a smaller tablet.
The Korean business publication “The Bell” is one of those sources, claiming that Galaxy X will be the drawstring of the 2019 edition of the consumer electronics trade show CES in January. All in all, Samsung would return to CES as a new launch mobile arena, after several years of primary presence with television sets and household products. However, the exact date when the device may be released remains unknown. 
In the market of mobile phones it seems that every big company out there is planning to stay unique by bringing something new to the table. While it’s certainly the case that Samsung is taking a risk, and a risk that may pay off – it still seems unclear whether there really is such a demand for a foldable phone. A foldable phone could be flexible and be more bendy in tight, small containers – the obvious choice in this case is your pocket. Duh! While it can’t really be said that phones have a hard time fitting into pockets, it was the case when Apple’s iPhone 7 came out as slightly bigger than expected. But what about the size of the Samsung Galaxy X? 
It is rumoured to be 7 inches on the diagonal side when unfolded completely. In some cases, it really was too difficult to fit into pockets.  It’s also worthy to mention the potential screen. According to Business Insider, the outside layer of the phone can serve as its own “protector” but could still potentially be to the detriment of its own durability. It really seems to be all about the novelty factor these days as Apple is apparently also following the path of Samsung is bendy, flexible phones; but why are they so desired? Skeptics doubted the wireless Airpods and they’re seemingly garnering favourable reviews on various ranking sites. It’s great that they are pushing the limit of what’s possible and what could be considered “hot” in the future by following a build-it-and-they-will-come approach, because that is what’s missing in the market. Innovation doesn’t come from consumer wants and needs, it comes from experimentation and failure. We need to wait until next year, but what we can be sure of is that it will come out with a bang! 
Psssst… that’s not all.
The Galaxy S10 is also something to look forward to – that is, the sequel to this year’s Galaxy S9 devices – it will be published a little later, more specifically at the end of February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The sources state – just as previously unconfirmed data argue – that the Galaxy S10 comes in three variants rather than two. If the information is correct, we have undoubtedly an exciting and dashed first Samsung quarter to look forward to 2019.

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