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Swedish Tesla Competitor, Polestar 2 – Will it put up a challenge?


Swedish Tesla Competitor, Polestar – Everything You Need to Know. . .


POLESTAR: TESLA’S FEAR? Last year, we wrote about the rumours and leaked information regarding this long-awaited release, and now it has finally been unveiled. Polestar 2 is here. However, remember that this is not a company that came from nowhere, as in actual fact the backing comes from (drumroll, please). . . Volvo. As Volvo’s subsidiary company, it has always faced a dilemma – be a brand of its own or become a one-off project associated with electric vehicles stuck to the name of Volvo, and they have decided its course by going for an independent brand. Its first electric car – Polestar 2 is sure to kick things off. If you haven’t been following the Volvo releases, you might be wondering what Polestar 1 was all about – it was a two-door hybrid sports car that became a huge success on the market but now the second model is all about running and being a pure electric car. 

Volvo’s child – the virtuoso of vehicles. . . 

Volvo made the decision to transform its performance division Polestar into a stand-alone electric car brand almost two years ago. Now they have show their model at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show running until March 17th – the car that really should take Volvo into the electric car age and, more impressively, Polestar 2 will attempt to compete with Tesla’s Model 3. The suggestions and predictions about being a competitor to Elon Musk commenced as soon as the rumours about Polestar came out. Now, Polestar has pulled it off and released data on performance and prices. And, on paper, it definitely looks like it can compete with the cars from the American electric car giant. 

From the heart of Sweden – design and performance in perfect symbiosis.

Underneath the body is a 78 kWh strong battery that supplies an electric motor on each shaft and retain the four-wheel drive. It provides 408 horsepower, a torque of 660 newtons and a range of 50 miles according to the new, stricter driving cycle WLTP. With that power, Polestar 2 manages to move from 0 to 100 in less than five seconds. It is clearly comparable to the best in class. Tesla manages this in 3.5 seconds which is a bit quicker, but acceleration is not everything when it comes to electric vehicles. But the technology battle is, of course, noteworthy in comparison and Tesla has the upper edge in this function. Let’s examine what the actual Polestar vision is in their release. 

This is what the CEO of Polestar, Thomas Ingenlath, had to say from the stage in Geneva:

” Polestar 2 is our first fully powered volume model. Everything has been designed and developed with passion. As an electric performance brand and through our upcoming launches of fully powered cars, Polestar wants to solve the world’s air quality challenges. We develop electric performance cars that are fun to own and drive. ”


The Polestar shares the same platform the Volvo XC40. . . and partners with Google.

The Volvo XC40 is the compact, luxury crossover SUV that was released in 2017. It was hauled for its functionality and concept and it was therefore not a surprise when it was named Car of the Year in 2018 by the WhatCar? magazine. But what’s interesting is that Polestar 2 has something in common with it. Beyond the figures, we see a somewhat smaller SUV based on the modular platform called Volvo CMA (Compact Modular Architecture). It is the same foundation on which the XC40 is based, which gives an idea of the size.  But in terms of appearance, Polestar 2 is most similar to the concept 40.2 that Volvo showed in 2016.

With Polestar 2, it also symbolically shows that Volvo has started its collaboration with Google seriously. The connected technology inside the vehicle is based on the Android operating system with apps, maps, voice control and other assistance systems from the US company. The software also makes it possible to update wirelessly on the Internet. What is interesting is that it includes a system whereby it allows the car to be unlocked with your mobile phone via bluetooth and an app that enables the owner to “share” the vehicle with others.

As shown in the picture above, just as in the Tesla Model S, the driver’s environment is centered around a large, standing screen which is the central console. The interior has a minimalist design and Polestar has chosen to remove leather in favor of lighter textiles. In the cabin there is room for five and the rear luggage compartment holds 404 liters. 

Heart in Sweden but built around the world . . .

Polestar will build about 20 so-called premises around the world, some of which will initially be launched in China, Canada, California and six countries in Europe but these countries in Europe remain a mystery. For Swedes, it would, of course, have been fantastic for it to have one in the heart but CEO Ingenlath did not specify. 

The price for the Polestar 2 that was most talked about – the performance version with the largest battery – will be around 59,000 euros, plus local taxes. This means that this is not at all a new car but just like Tesla Model 3 an expensive investment in new technology. The cheapest Polestar 2 costs 20,000 euros less but exact performance of it is unknown. You can buy it online and you pay with a fixed monthly fee.

The car is expected to shake up the car industry with its retail strategy, its technology partnership and its avant-garde design and it’s certain that it will position itself strongly in the market upon release. If Tesla fears the vehicle, that is difficult to say, but they should definitely be wary of its potential as Volvo and this subsidiary company is not something that is expected to fail. The company and country that brought us the seatbelt will be sure to be safe before taking risks – they seem to have it all figured out. 

Evolvera – evolve in a new era

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