DogeCoaster: A VR Coaster Simulating Dogecoin’s Historic Price Chart

The recognizable meme has become a psychedelic VR coaster experience said to simulate Dogecoin's historic price chart. The DogeCoaster by EnterIdeas is coming in 2022.

Memes are now entering location-based entertainment. EnterIdeas, known for the AT360, a three-axis, motion-based VR simulator, announced their next content track for the device at IAAPA in Orlando – the DogeCoaster. Dennis Voronin, the AT360 Project Manager, described their simulator as being “a crazy, spinning ball that simulates any inversion, loop and rotation while the user wears a VR headset”. Based out of Jacksonville and Moscow, the company is set to enter the US market post-IAAPA.

The AT360 by EnterIdeas

Previously, their collaboration with French VR studio, Judiva, to integrate V-Racer Hoverbike, a futuristic racing game available as a consumer Steam version, to their device garnered wide-spread appeal. Now, they have continued this partnership, but have taken a radically different approach by introducing the well-known Doge meme to location-based entertainment with their announcement at IAAPA.

Watch the full press conference announcement below.

According to Voronin,

“The DogeCoaster will take riders on a thrilling and hilarious ride through scenes inspired by various memes over the last 20-years, from 70’s psychedelia to crimson purgatory to blue skies and clouds. Doge will accompany riders through a series of climbs, curves, and inversions that accurately mimic a real steel roller coaster. The track will be based upon the price chart of the Dogecoin, the popular cryptocurrency, complete with all the crazy ups and downs that doge coin holders have experienced in their crypto portfolios”.

The “launch to the moon” will occur in the first quarter of 2022 and the DogeCoaster will be a free expansion pack to all AT360s. The company is set to release standalone DogeCoaster-themed AT360s to its clients upon request.

The Doge won the “Meme of the Decade” award in December 2019 from Know Your Meme. More recently in July 2021, the original photo of Kabosu, the Shiba Inu that started the Doge meme, was auctioned by its originator Atsuko Sato as an NFT for $4million. 

Much wow. Such scary.

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