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DEMONSTRATIONS. CHILDREN SKIPPING SCHOOL. DISTORTED FACTS. FAKE NEWS. Is this really the way forward? It seems that everyone has their own unique way of doing things to grab the attention of the world, but without actions and solutions, that attention becomes wasted. Greta Thunberg has gotten the attention part right, but there are plenty of other Swedish gems that are not in the spotlight, despite the innovative solutions that they possess. With this article, we wanted to put forward a company that we see as interesting in this regard. Welcome, FlowoceanThe climate change question is undoubtedly broad and there are many different aspects to consider; everything from cleaning up our oceans, all the way to wind turbines. The latter is in focus in this case as this Swedish company has developed a new technology which will make it possible to provide society with fossil-free and renewable energy with the help of floating wind turbines . . . but with halved productions costs. Flowocean is the shy gem that could be worth a great deal in the future. In their case, however, competitors should be wary as it is precisely their technology that will allow them to edge ahead – costs are crucial. With 37 patents in floating wind power, Flowocean can expect to make waves (pun not intended) in the future. . .


As a company, to be involved in the dynamics of climate change, there has to exist a certain degree of realism when conducting your activities. Climate change is still a field of business and a growing field of innovation, despite people’s belief in being green just for the sake of being green. The ethical side can be debated, but if you don’t have a functioning business model, these personal values become insignificant. Solutions are worth more than empty words and it seems that in regards to the former, Flowocean has found its way. As stated earlier, this is a company that should be worthy of your attention but it is highly likely that you have not heard about Flowocean at all – but that may soon change as they attempt to help curb climate change and contribute to the improved living standards of people around the world by introducing innovative floating wind turbines . . .

Flowocean from Sweden currently owns a staggering 37 patents in relation to floating wind power. Bertil Moritz, Flowocean’s inventor and advisor, has about 50 patents himself. He has had leading roles at ABB and ASEA, two giants that Sweden has produced throughout the years. Urban Joelsson is currently the CEO and has an interesting story in that he has recommended renewable energy for 20 years with experience from ABB, Alstom and Wärtsilä – but now his voice has grown stronger together with the howling debates around climate change.


A major climate challenge is to provide communities with energy and electricity and with a production that does not emit carbon dioxide. For Flowocean, floating wind turbines placed outside the coast are a solution. We have written about floating wind turbines before and this concept is nothing new, but what’s interesting about their version is that thanks to a smart structure (as shown in the video above), the weight of the wind turbine becomes up to seventy percent lower and the cost is about half compared to known alternative designs. Going into detail about their FLOW concept, the technology can be seen as an optimal combination of Tension Leg Platform or TLP (which is the design used in geotechnical engineering, used for offshore productions of oil and gas, for example) and Semi-Submersible, which is also common in oil drilling rigs. This gives the flow unit the benefits of both principles and allows the unit to be robust, light and cost-effective. By using two smaller turbines on the same platform the FLOW solution has the advantages over one larger with same total rated power.

Flowocean’s design also makes it stable in strong winds and its light, floating turbines adapt to the marine environment It also does not interfere with wildlife and can easily be repositioned. If you thought about offshore platforms rather than wind turbines when looking at the design itself, you can already see where the idea came from. The technology was developed by Bertil Moritz, the inventor and current advisor to the company, who got the idea for the floating wind turbines when he examined the possibilities of supplying oil platforms in the North Sea with electricity.

It struck me . . . why are there no wind turbines out there? It blows an average of eleven meters per second on the North Sea. Furthermore, nobody has an opinion about the aesthetic at sea, Bertil Moritz stated to DI.

Bertil Moritz has apparently sought the guidance of some of the leading experts in the world, and it was precisely the feedback that they gave him that became the resulting Flowocean design. Urban Joelsson and Bertil Moritz see enormous potential for the floating wind turbines – even beyond electricity production and are in the process of delivering its first power plant to Norway and England and the goal is to continue exporting the technology worldwide. In 2016, during a press release, there was mention of India as another destination but this has not yet been confirmed.

We must now seriously safeguard the earth’s resources and find new energy solutions to counteract climate change. Our technology has all the ingredients to help us reach the climate goals and make a real difference globally – and at the same time contribute to a new growing Swedish export, concludes Urban Joelsson to Di.

They have the idea, now they just need the attention. If Greta Thunberg can donate a sliver of her attention to Flowocean, then they could really make a big splash (that is the last pun in this article, we promise) in this dramatic field of climate change.

Evolvera – always changing, always evolving. . .


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