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Japanese Hoverbike Goes on Sale for $680,000

For $680,000, the Japanese Hoverbike is yours.

Japanese startup A.L.I Technologies, previously specializing in the development of drones, has released a manned hoverbike model. It goes by XTurismo Limited Edition and is already on sale to the general public since last Tuesday. You can now purchase one for 77.7 million yen, the equivalent of $680,000, and deliveries are scheduled for the first half of 2022.

The details

The XTurismo is considered to be an extremely mobile and flexible machine for fast travel between two points. It has four motors with propellers, which accelerate it to 100 km/h, and allows it to fly on a single battery charge up to 40 minutes. The hoverbike rests on landing skids when in stationary mode and the pilot sits on it like on a motorcycle or jet ski.

Not a prototype, it really is yours if you want it. But there’s a catch.

It is not a prototype and not a crude model, but a ready-made commercial product – the video above shows that the XTurismo Limited Edition flies quite well. Alas, there is a significant limitation – there is nowhere to fly it besides the testing grounds, because legislation currently does not allow such vehicles in open airspace. In the meantime, it can be used by rescuers to quickly get to hard-to-reach places. As we reach a new reality where hoverbikes continue to be commercialized and improved, the future certainly has a place for the XTurismo.

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Picture source: A.L.I Technologies

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