What are the most lucrative jobs in the metaverse in 2022?

The metaverse is providing a range of job opportunities in 2022. From blockchain gamers to VR architects, this list has something for a vast array of different skill sets.

The metaverse has the potential to be a billion-dollar market in the future, as we have discovered in previous posts. Despite the worries coming from augmented reality developers, the interest in the metaverse from all corners of society remains high and is showing no signs of stopping. It seems like everyone wants to have some some degree of connection to the metaverse.

What’s happening on the job market is particularly interesting as unusual professions are appearing in connection with the virtual world. Everything from blockchain gamers to VR architects. These are the metaverse jobs you may not have even thought about, but just know that working in the metaverse is more than possible.

Could it be a lucrative future career for you? Read on to find out whether any of them pique your interest.

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But before we begin…

If you’re a complete beginner or an established expert on the topic of the metaverse and want a deeper dive into this developing concept, we recommend The Metaverse by Terry Winters (which, as of April 23, you can pick up for free with an Audible trial by following this link). Click here to sign up with Audible Plus if you haven’t already.

Table of contents

  • Blockchain gamers
  • Artists and designers of virtual objects
  • Software engineers / Backend developers
  • Community managers / moderators
  • VR / mixed reality architects

Blockchain gamers

GameFi is already proving to be a massive market. This is the point where finance and gaming intersect and where games contain partial or full elements of a “Play-to-Earn” model. This gamified future will entail real professions where playing games will make you money. Yes, you read that right. Apart from the giant, Axie Infinity, there are already projects where players can earn cryptocurrency and NFT by playing games:

  • Thetan Arena – a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game with heroes in the form of NFTs.
  • Gods Unchained – an NFT collectible card game (CCI).
  • Neon District – a turn-based cyberpunk role-playing game.

These are just some established projects that are currently out there, but the list keeps growing on a weekly basis.

Does making money while playing games interest you? The future is only going to present you with further opportunities. But remember, others love playing games, too, so it’s best to start working on your gaming resume.

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Artists and designers of virtual objects

As it stands, there are more artists than “technologists” involved in the game development process. The metaverse is currently following the same trend (although that might change). These are not only professions in relation to visual design, but also other types of creative positions will be in demand. These would include writers, composers and videographers.

In the more visual fields, the crypto and NFT space currently serve as the spearhead of the blockchain part of the metaverse.

You have everything from BALEX, the first NFT footwear brand on the blockchain, all the way to the thousands of digital art pieces available on places like OpenSea.

It’s not a surprise that the metaverse is considered as an entire new world for digital designers. The opportunities are endless.

If you’re a creative person, the space may just be ideal for you.

The Metaverse by Tom Ffiske outlines how you can prepare for this new reality.

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Software engineers / Backend developers

This space is booming. Roblox and six other companies have opened a range of software-oriented jobs for the metaverse, including the following positions: frontend developer, backend developer, and full-stack developer.

Do you have experience in machine learning, physics, and graphics? This experience can get you a great foothold to enter the metaverse space.

The pay is not bad either, to say the least.

A software engineer at Roblox can earn between $141,000 and $215,000 as a base salary, according to Foreign Labor Certification in the United States (2021). A senior programmer can earn up to $270,000 and an engineering director can earn $430,500 (!)

Roblox has stated that it is hiring at all levels – from “college graduates” to “the best in the world”.

This is not only limited to large corporations. Tech startups with exciting new projects are hiring, as well. Take a look at some of the most dynamic ones in 2022.

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Community managers / moderators

The metaverse will undoubtedly place organizations in closer contact with its customers. As it is a developing field that may feel like the Wild West right now, a bad move or inability to listen can affect your brand image.

This is is why the space will stimulate new jobs for community leaders / managers and moderators.

We also have to remind ourselves that human nature is not removed from the equation when it comes to the metaverse. Toxic trolling is still a problem, particularly in VRchat.

While there is no automated system that can solve this problem, the need for community managers and moderators will remain.

Do you have strong communication skills, keep your cool in difficult situations and can deliver your company’s messaging through this avatar-led world? Then this may be the ideal job in the metaverse for you.

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VR / Mixed Reality Architects

Architects are no longer limited to the physical space, but are now virtually present, as well.

Just like in the physical, the main task of a VR / mixed reality architect is to map and design the virtual world in detail. But this process is not only limited to architecture and buildings. It goes beyond that.

VR architects need to think about quite a lot in detail.

For example: where and for what period of time a spaceship will fly over, from which tunnel a car will come from, in which direction a person will go. It’s certainly more dynamic and complicated than just providing the design for buildings and space. It’s definitely something for people that want to solve novel and difficult challenges.

But that’s not all. During the development of the virtual space, the architect must comply with the theme and a style of VR-projects, i.e. taking into account user demographics (which in itself is difficult because people can be whoever they want in the virtual world).

As such, a VR architect should be able to integrate their ideas, the project objectives, technical capabilities and the sensations of virtual reality users. There’s a lot to think about.

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Do you want to become an expert in designing this virtual world and develop a good foundation to becoming a virtual / mixed reality architect? The book Virtual Reality and the Mixed Environment by Whyte and Nikolic is a great pick-up available here.

Apart from these specialized positions requiring specific soft skills, an important part of thriving in this new environment is learning, particularly for Chief Information Officers (CIOs). An excellent way to stay one step ahead is to continue learning by reading the latest books about the metaverse. Amazon is currently running a Kindle Unlimited Membership plan, available here.

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