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The lunar surface is harmful to humans, experts say

Researchers from Sechenov University claim that the lunar surface may pose health risks to humans.

Research from Sechenov University

Russian researchers have discovered that lunar soil can pose a danger to the human body. Presumably, it can cause irritation of the skin and respiratory tract, as well as damage to the kidneys, liver and central nervous system. This was announced by scientists from Sechenov University in Russia. The university is the largest research medical school in the country.

The statement about the danger is based on studies of lunar soil from four different regions of the Moon. The authors stated that it consists of regolith containing chromium, beryllium, nickel, cobalt and other substances which are dangerous for humans. This information should be taken into account when colonizing the Moon, according to Professor Ivan Ivanov of Sechenov University.

Photo credit: Mike Petrucci

Confirmation of previous lunar soil studies

The information obtained will be used to study the content of the above trace elements in lunar dust and to develop a procedure for cleaning spacesuits and lunar equipment.

In 2018, NASA scientists confirmed that moon dust itself was toxic to humans cells and that even the smallest particles pose health risks to astronauts.

Recall that in October 2021, the Chinese spacecraft Chang’e-5 delivered new samples of lunar soil to Earth. After a series of experiments, Chinese experts have concluded that the moon is younger than previously thought. The age of the regolith was estimated at 2.03 billion years instead of 2.8 billion as previously thought.

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