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A Reddit user has made an elegant metaverse alignment chart

The metaverse alignment chart by user /u/V1X3L is an elegant way of identifying where we align in regard to defining the metaverse.

Alignment charts are in fashion and this time they have reached debates about the metaverse. For a good explainer about alignment charts, this is a good place to start.

A user on Reddit (u/V1X3L) posted a “Metaverse alignment chart” in the subreddit /r/virtualreality where they outline the types of belief systems and definitions of the metaverse according to structure and doctrine.

Full credit to /u/V1X3L – The Metaverse Alignment Chart

These are divided into doctrine/structure schools on two axes, together with categorizations of purist, neutral and radical.

At Evolvera, we would position ourselves in the bottom right, of course: using a taser on somebody is a metaverse. If you do not agree with this position, exit this website immediately.

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