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New U.S. Army Sight Predicts Bullet Trajectory Before Shot is Fired

The $2.7 billion contract will supply the US army with new NGSW-FC sights

The U.S. Army never stops working on the next generation of small arms. This is confirmed by the $2.7 billion contract with Vortex Optics to supply the Army with new NGSW-FC computerized sights capable of predicting bullet trajectory even before the shot is fired. The novelty is expected to be fitted to the new NGSW-AR (Next-Generation Squad Weapons-Automatic Rifle), which is due to enter service this year.

The NGSW-FC attaches to the M1913 Picatinny rail. The sight provides 1-8x magnification. Vortex Optics used an “active reticle fire control system”, offering the shooter an already corrected aiming point with reduced bullet trajectory and windage adjustment.

The new sight fits into the existing M4A1 carbine, but it is primarily designed for the future NGSW automatic rifle. The Army initially planned to order about 100,000 riflescopes, but the new contract calls for delivery of 250,000 rifle scopes.

In addition to rifles and sights, the contract includes the purchase of additional accessories, spare parts, repairs and engineering work.

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