Razer launches smart glasses ‘Anzu’ – a fresh addition to a lackluster industry

Razer maintains its "For Gamers, by Gamers" image, but takes a wider approach in how it delivers value to the Augmented Reality (AR) industry with its Anzu smart glasses.
Anzu by Razer

It arrived as a fresh addition to a lackluster industry. The gaming giant, Razer, has announced its first smart glasses known as ‘Anzu‘, which combine eye protection, immersive Bluetooth sound with low latency and convenient touch control. The American company is otherwise known for its mice and keyboards specialized for gaming, but is now embarking on a quest to conquer a prospective field that is predicted to become a large market for consumer technology – Augmented Reality (AR).

These predictions may be too optimistic, however, as WIRED recently delivered an analysis of the industry’s current state – it’s not quite there yet even with the likes of Pokemon Go and HoloLens showing speckles of hopefulness. Nevertheless, let’s get right in to what one should expect before buying the Anzu smart glasses.

For gamers, this will understandably come as exciting news as the company is known for delivering true value in relation to its other products. After all, the slogan “For Gamers, by Gamers” has certainly rung true thus far. In this case, even non-gamers are buying the hype with Ivan Mehta at TNW commenting that this new release has piqued his interest, especially as they are able to reduce harmful blue light by 35% as a form of eye protection. The blue light that screens emit definitely does affect us and has been linked to worsened sleep. Apart from that, for outdoor activities, the retail kit also includes replaceable polarized lenses that protect the eyes from 99% UVA / UVB rays. Neat.

Photo credit: Razer

When it comes to other functions, the “smart” comes in the form of 16-mm speakers and microphones built in . Thanks to this, the glasses can be used as a headset. The sound is controlled through a touch panel on the side, with which one can also answer phone calls and check the voice assistant of the phone. The glasses also have something called a ”gaming mode”, which activates a Bluetooth 5.1 connection, which reduces the response time to 60 milliseconds – it relates back naturally to the company’s image. When it comes to size, like the Smart Glasses From Amazon and Bose, Razer’s glasses are large and thick and the glass itself is available in both round and rectangular versions.

What about price? In the US, they go for $199 and are available on their website – pick and choose your model.

On our end, they definitely receive the Evolvera stamp of approval.

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