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Russia’s Amazon Has a 98% Drop in Prices Due to Failure

Ozon, the Russian e-commerce giant, saw a 98% drop in prices due to an error in the system

On the night of November 1, a failure occurred in the Ozon marketplace, which caused the cost of more than a hundred goods to drop by more than 98%. Ozon has long been referred to as the “Amazon of Russia” as its giant multi-category, e-commerce marketplace has gained popularity and now places it in the top 5 most valuable internet companies in the country.

A user on a prominent forum published a post in which he described the situation in two of his stores. After midnight, products cost from 1 to 50 rubles (less than $1) and his customers immediately sold out his entire range of products.

A robot vacuum cleaner worth 36 thousand rubles costs two thousand rubles, and an orthopedic pillow – 73 rubles.

Ozon representatives have already confirmed the information about the failure. According to the company, on the night of November 1, users started to receive notifications on discounts for particular products, the price of which did not correspond to the price set by the sellers.

The company has assured that it has already fixed the error. Promotional items will appear on the site again within a day.
The marketplace will not send customers items ordered at erroneous prices. Instead, Ozon will issue a refund. The company explained this by the fact that there are not enough items in stock to send them to customers.

Meanwhile, Ozon did not specify how many sellers were affected by the failure.

The aforementioned user reported that many items were not back in stock even after orders were cancelled. Ozon’s support service replied that the goods would be available within ten days after the cancellation of the order.

Ozon stated that they did not, in fact, send the orders with the wrong price. A claim that has been disputed by users on various forums.

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