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How “The Sandbox” can help us understand what the metaverse is

The Sandbox was a metaverse before it was cool. On the basis of the ecosystem surrounding The Sandbox, we can already seek to understand what a metaverse actually is.
  • What is a metaverse?
  • What is The Sandbox?
  • Who is behind The Sandbox?
  • Can you make money in The Sandbox?
  • How does The Sandbox relate to the metaverse?

What is a metaverse?

The metaverse has become a term so fashionable that every big company is jumping on the opportunity to label their existing business activities as “having to do with the Metaverse”. I’m sorry, but Web 3.0, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are not “the metaverse” when taken on their own.

Then again, there are plenty of definitions and classifications of the metaverse – just check out this metaverse alignment chart made by a Reddit user that shows you just how many different viewpoints on the matter exist.

The most subscribed definition is that this world must include a degree of interaction between users in a computer-generated environment, serving as the crossroads between extended reality, blockchain and AI. By some definitions, you don’t even need to be in a virtual world as just commenting on the social media platform, Reddit, would be enough to be in a metaverse.

It was Meta that, undoubtedly, made the term spread like wildfire last year, but some of these virtual worlds already existed before Facebook and Epic Games modeled the term.

The Sandbox is one of them, a name borrowed from “Sandbox,” the first game Pixowl Games released in 2012. This version, with its 3D graphics and huge crypto ecosystem, is one of its most promising projects and the integrated platform created around it can help us understand what the metaverse is as a concept.

The Sandbox Avatars. Photo credit: The Sandbox.

But before we begin!

If you want to dig deeper to understand the metaverse, NFTs and blockchain, The Metaverse by Terry Winters is a great place to start. It’s free with an Audible Plus trial, which you can get by following this link.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox may be called an “NFT game,” but that is like calling a weekly entertainment magazine a “novel”. Think of Sandbox more like an ecosystem or world where there are plenty of things to do. Yes, there are objects and land, which are classified as NFTs, the combination of which ultimately generate a dynamic and diverse world. But it’s so much more than that.

In The Sandbox you can purchase land. These are the unlimited number of NFTs you would need to start building things in the game. These plots vary in size and players can create a range of different objects, including: animals, cars and various characters. It’s essentially a decentralized virtual world that can be used as a creative tool to realize any wild imagination.

Oh, so it’s just like another Second Life?

Not at all.

This is more like a more integrated ecosystem that is based on the Ethereum blockchain with its own token, $SAND, as part of it. The catch is that it comes with various tools to implement it. The opportunities in the game are endless thanks to the game design software “Game Maker”, which allows these game makers to create new voxel universes and even charge money for them. Think of it like a tool that allows you to create whatever is on your mind.

The Sandbox Teaser

Who is behind The Sandbox?

Pixowl Games, an American studio, took the leap of faith and started developing games for the blockchain. The company was founded by Arthur Madrid in 2011 and only a year later launched Sandbox (its first version).

The game reached 40 million downloads on mobile in 2017 and has since collaborated with a number of different large-scale franchises.

The roadmap for the game is encouraging to say the least and frequently supports its community by rewarding players with $SAND and unique NFTs.

Can you make money in The Sandbox?

Sandbox is a game you can make money on, but you’ll have to learn the ropes. The answer is that it all depends on the users themselves. The platform doesn’t provide any financial advice, but you can always ask community members for advice. By investing $SAND in Sandbox land, it is more than possible to earn passive income.

There are millions of players in its community, and the project has a clear roadmap with new “seasons” being constantly updated.

With this in mind, it’s not as easy of a world to make money as the others we’ve talked about.

But the barrier to entry is still relatively high in the money-making space. To give you an idea, the first preseason required a payment of 1.5 Ethereum, which translates to roughly $6,000. Completing the first few missions would earn you $1,000 PESCA ($4,500) and 3 unique NFTs.

The Sandbox Metaverse. Photo credit: The Sandbox.

How does The Sandbox relate to the metaverse?

Since it’s an entirely new world, the gameplay experience of The Sandbox is very broad and, as per the creators themselves, is a type of metaverse. A metaverse is seen as a world that unites various aspects of interaction in a computerized environment with the use of extended reality.

While The Sandbox does not have virtual reality functionality (yet), it still fits into some of the definitions of a metaverse according to the metaverse alignment chart.

In The Sandbox, you can roam around the universe as a regular player and explore things to do. For example, the game even offers live experiences that are prepared for everyone or visit those created by other players, some will be free and others will require payment. There are more than 160,000 lands available, and the vast majority of them are free to visit.

The game encourages interaction, so you can also chat and meet new people and transact with its native crypto token. You can also vote and participate in its metaverse governance, meaning that you are a citizen in this world. This year, Pixowl is also launching a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and all participants owning game tokens will be able to vote and decide on the future of the game. Neat!

All of these processes together makes it easier to understand that the notion of a metaverse is a dynamic ecosystem that unites the areas of extended reality, blockchain and interaction. Spending some hours, days or even months in The Sandbox metaverse, you’ll have a better grasp of the concept.

You can play The Sandbox by going on their website.

At Evolvera, we will continue to follow The Sandbox and its developments in the coming years and how its roadmap progresses.

But before you go!

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