The World’s Largest Power Bank Has Been Built by a Chinese Youtuber

Handy Geng has built a monster of a power bank.

Chinese inventor and YouTube star, Handy Geng, is tired of the fact that regular power banks do not have enough capacity and run out of power too quickly. Therefore, he built his own version – a 27 million mA⋅h monstrosity of a device. You can’t put it in your back pocket, but you can use it to charge 5000 phones at once. All his friends had bigger power banks, so the only way forward in his mind was to take action.

Youtuber Handy Geng

Structurally it is an impressive aluminum box measuring 1.8×1.2 meters, inside which an unknown number of flat batteries for electric cars are stacked. For ease of transportation, the mega-bank has wheels, and on its outer side there are 60 sockets for simultaneous charging of a large number of gadgets.

The capacity of this monster device is so large that Handy Geng had no problem plugging in a TV and then a washing machine in an open field. There’s enough power for an electric stove, too, and the pinnacle of possibilities is recharging an electric scooter to take the giant power bank on a trailer even farther. Travel to another city? The power bank would be able to bring the power.

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