UK bans exports of space and aviation products and technologies to Russia

The UK continues to unleash sanctions on Russia. This time, it has targeted the sectors of space and aviation.

In light of ongoing events in Ukraine, the British government has imposed a ban on deliveries of space products and related technology to Russia. At the same time, the aviation sector has also been hit with related sanctions with a ban on exports to the country.

Although air travel and space cooperation between the countries have already been terminated, the British authorities have decided to target Russia with a more intensive barrage on these sectors of development and production: insurance companies have been banned from providing services in the corresponding areas of the economy to Russian counterparts. Moreover, according to Kommersant, the authorities are also cancelling policies that have already been paid for, so the insured companies will not be able to receive compensation.

Photo credit: Lars Nissen / Pixabay

Recently, the EU also banned the export of goods for the aviation and space industries in Russia. In addition, exports of dual-use products and technologies were banned, and Roscosmos announced that it would stop supplying rocket engines to the United States. The future of the ISS is also under scrutiny.

The British sanctions have already indirectly affected the company OneWeb, whose next batch of satellites has not been delivered into orbit – Russia demanded that the British government withdraw from the number of shareholders of the company and guarantee the non-use of satellites for military purposes. Now OneWeb is considering alternatives, including launching satellites on American, European, Indian or Japanese rockets.

The story is developing as sanctions continue to be placed on Russia by a number of Western countries.

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