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Weather as a Geopolitical Weapon – A Stormy Future?


“Control of space means control of the world…From space, the Masters of Infinity would have the power to control the Earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the level of the sea, to divert the Gulf Stream and change the climate to frigid. … This is the ultimate position – the position of total control over the Earth that lies somewhere in outer space” – Lyndon B. Johnson speaking to the Senate Democratic Caucus, Jan 7, 1958

One of the pillars of the Beijing Olympics of 2008 was its emphasis on being Hi-Tech. The Games certainly showed the world that China was ready to become a behemoth in technology and advancing the future of humanity. The article headlines that appeared back then were many, but have we forgotten something that is of extraordinary value for the future? Namely, the predicted future application in geopolitics: weather. China, just like the superpowers Russia and the US, has a long history of trying to control the weather. They began as early as 1958 and today they have one of the largest cloud seeding programs in the world. Before the 2008 Olympics, they used it to generate rain, but they had very little experience in keeping rain away. In 2008, that’s precisely what they did. As instability of the world promotes innovation amongst the powers on the global arena, just like it did during the World Wars, will we see weather, as a geopolitical weapon, becoming a reality in the coming future? 

While we shall look at weather manipulation, we shall do so from the perspective of how it can be applied to geopolitics, so unrelated theories and topics will be dismissed, but we’re happy to revisit these in the future. We shall not base this article on what is regarded as conspiracy theories, but we can’t help but to ponder over some of the abnormal weather phenomena that have appeared in various places in the world in recent years. We shall not forget that correlation does not entail causation, but we need to have a look at what investigators and scientists have stated in order to understand what might be going on in the world. 

Since it’s a broad area of discussion, we shall begin by defining it as a whole. Weather modification or weather manipulation is the act of deliberately manipulating or changing the weather. The most common form of weather modification is cloud seeding to increase the amount of rain or snow, usually with the aim of increasing local water supply. Weather modification may also aim to prevent harmful weather such as hail or hurricanes to occur; or to provoke harmful weather to the enemy, as a tactic for military or economic warfare. But this is where it becomes interesting, weather modification in warfare has been banned by the United Nations in the “United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/72, TIAS 9614 Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques.” which came into force in 1978. But where is the thin line between use in warfare, and in advancing national interests?

Already 100 years ago, the idea of melting the Arctic was launched in order to exploit the ice-covered, untouched area. Today the plans are completely ludicrous and would garner international outrage. But there are documents that indicate that this happens in reality, but in secret. Documents from the 1960s and onwards show that the US authorities planned to artificially, with the use of so-called “Geoengineering” or “Weather Modification” to control the climate and the weather in their own desired direction. However, these long-established and widely used technologies for influencing and warming the climate are never taken into account in the UN’s climate calculation models so we may never know for sure whether this happens in actuality. 

The Cold War was a launching pad for weather modification experiments to take off. Both the United States and the former Soviet Union devoted themselves to experiments for decades, including spraying chemicals from planes, to changing the weather and affect the climate. The purpose has been either economic or military. For example, the United States began in 1961 experiments called “Stormfury” aimed at artificially using military aircraft and military facilities to cause hurricanes. We certainly already understand the destructive impact of hurricanes, not to mention tornadoes that continue to ripple through Tornado Alley in the United States. It would surely be in the best interests of the United States to control the weather within its own boundaries. In 1966, NASA wrote a report titled: A Recommended National Program in Weather Modification – A report to the Independent Committee for Atmospheric Sciences (ICAS). NASA reported that during the 1940’s and 50’s, weather manipulation experiments showed that it was possible to spray clouds with different particles that increased rainfall by 10-20%. The report laid the foundation for a comprehensive climate change program. But what about outside its own borders? Especially with climate change, in itself, predicted to have an effect on geopolitics.

In 1986 things finally developed into something (that we know of) that related to the overt use of an “offensive nature” in a critical report titled The Weather Modification Program. The Evolution of a R & D program into a military operation with extensive source references to original documents states that military interests instead came to dominate NASA’s programs for their purposes. It appears that the US Department of Defense since 1969 financed a project called Nile Blue (Climate modification Research) and that world superpowers (notably the Soviet Union) also had a capacity to threaten its security. It’s safe to say that a realistic paranoia from both sides was ever-present in science, technology and many other areas of life. 

The US Department of Defense was worried in its research that the USSR had devoted considerable resources to developing comprehensive climate change programs, among other things, to alleviate the extremely chilly Russian climate, including the elimination of ice across the Arctic, so that new areas could be released for exploitation. This can be tolerated in terms of the way in which leading oil companies today are actively planning to exploit the Arctic, which Greenpeace, among others, is protesting against. If we look at the country enjoying dominant control in the Arctic today, as measured by the number of icebreakers, you will notice that Russia is the country that has 40 and 11 more in production. These are needed to clear the ice for safe passage of other vessels and allows for Russia to maintain control. The United States, in comparison, has only one. Even China, while being further away geographically, has four. As ice cover decreases, it will allow nations to have access to natural resources and potential shipping lanes there. It has been estimated that for transporting goods in the North between Europe and Asia, the travel time can be cut by as much as 40% (!). This is certainly a geographical area that will be of huge interest in the coming future as weather and climate continue to have an effect on the geopolitical situation of the world. 

A complete picture of weather modification cannot be complete without a mention of H.A.A.R.P. The term was mentioned earlier and is relates to geoengineering which goes hand in hand with chemtrails. It stands for the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (auroral = northern lights) and is a program operated by the U.S Air Force, U. Navy, University of Alaska and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency). The plant for HAARP is located in Gokoma, Alaska. Rick Garcia, its PR, says that the project’s purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and to create technology for monitoring and radio communication, but unofficially, HAARP projects seem to be entirely different.
Specifically, the HAARP project is based on the fact that a high-power transmitter sends energy into the ionosphere (upper part of the atmosphere). Energy spills an area of the ionosphere, which expresses the ionic sphere into space as a “protuberance”. The Ionosphere, in turn, affects the planet’s weather. We will not take a stand in the debate whether they are doing things that are beyond this scope, but some groups are saying that this is precisely what they are doing, a more “nefarious” activity. 

The US Air Force wrote that weather manipulation will be a reality in the future, even if there are risks. Driving power, motivation but above all the profits are “extremely lucrative”. “The lessons of history indicate a real weather-modification capability will eventually exist despite the risk. The drive exists. ..The motivation exists. The potential benefits and power are extremely lucrative and alluring for those who have the resources to develop it. This combination of drive, motivation, and resources will eventually produce the technology.” Dane Wigington, trained in meteorology and in the solar industry, has been devoted to examining the increasing occurrence of weather manipulation by spraying from aviation on for more than ten years. He notes that the extensive weather manipulation activities led to the whole planet approaching say a full-scale disaster, a total collapse. The future of geopolitics certainly looks extremely interesting if any of these hidden activities have grown in strength while we were looking elsewhere, but at the same time, it’s extremely worrying.


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