World’s Largest Kaleidoscope Tunnel Was Showcased in Saudi Arabia

The walk-through experience is a psychedelic experience like no other.

“One Giant Leap” for the kaleidoscope

Participants at the annual One Giant Leap technology conference, which just ended in Saudi Arabia, had the unique opportunity to find themselves in a place resembling a fairy-tale looking-glass. British company Stufish (London), developed a kaleidoscope tunnel filled with stunning visual effects.

The One Giant Leap Event is an annual conference showcasing innovative ideas and concepts by gathering the world’s greatest minds. It is held annually in the Front Expo Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Participants from all over the world come together to “reshape the way humans live”, according to the organizers. One such team of entertainment architects, hailing from the United Kingdom, is Stufish.

The world’s largest kaleidoscope tunnel by Stufish

The studio is known for ambitious and pioneering works in live and location-based entertainment ranging from the Fashion Awards to the Abba Voyage. At this year’s One Giant Leap Event, Stufish entered with a grandiose project – the world’s largest kaleidoscope tunnel where the visitor is part of the illusion by walking through colorful, eye-catching optical effects. David Brewster’s kaleidoscope invention has certainly been taken to another level – an immersive psychedelic experience.

The dimensions of the tunnel are 40 x 6 x 3 meters. Thanks to a system of seamless mirrors, as well as giant LED panels located under the floor and in the walls, the space appears to visitors as a cylinder, and the constantly changing light combinations turn everything around into a huge kaleidoscope, where geometric patterns constantly transform.

As reported by Stufish, in addition to designing a 40-meter perfectly mirrored surface, the developers had to work hard to create the illusion of infinite space. For this purpose, portals were designed on both sides of the tunnel – at the entrance and exit – to ensure the integrity of the reflection.

Alas, with the end of the conference, the kaleidoscope tunnel also closed with it. It is unknown whether Stufish will bring this colorful display to another location or venue in the future.

Kaleidoscope tunnel from the inside. Picture credit: Stufish

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Picture and video credit: Stufish Entertainment Architects, London.

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